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Ruth Goodfellow


Ruth Goodfellow is an extraordinary healer and empath. As the founder of the Mind Well Method, she combines innovation, imagination, and intuition to her healing to transform her clients. Her early calling as a healer, has led to countless experiences of unparalleled healing modalities which began at the age of 12. She has also spent over 25 years on daily prayer, meditation, spiritual practices and retreats.

As a long time resident of the Hawaiian Islands, Ruth has lived and worked on an organic farm on the island of Maui. Through the work of her hands by cultivating the land, led her to several spiritual awakenings which inspired her dedication to the healing of others. Her passion is to assist others in finding a deeper quality of living by staying aware and providing practical daily tools to assist with the consistent challenges faced to stay positive, present and soul sourced.

As a Consciousness Specialist, Ruth is certified in Hypnotherapy and holds a B.A. in Art in Visual Communication. She is an avid speaker, adventurer, and lover of nature and all people. Here life long is passion is to connect with the soul in the pursuit of truth and promote joy. When she is not pursuing her passion, you can find her participating in ocean activities, walking, researching or creating content.

License # HT 720-129

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