Ways To Experience Relief from Stress

  • Stop Judging, Blaming or Criticizing Everyone, including Oneself!
  • Say and Do Positive Affirmations that FEEL GOOD!
  • Look For & Affirm Small Successes
  • Express Gratitude by Counting Your Blessings: Especially BEFORE BED & UPON RISING
  • Consciously Take Deep Breaths and Stretch the Body
  • Physical Exercise with Intent/Focus & Eat Healthy
  • Forgive & Let Go of Resistance
  • Spend Time Going Within One's Mind to a Sacred Space; Be in it and cultivate this sourced space within
  • Have FUN! Laugh, Sing (HUM), Dance, Draw, Write, Other....Express your own unique self in a positive way

Resiliency Survey - How Resilient are you?

(Survey taken from AARP Magazine; Nov/Dec 09 Edition)

Rate yourself on each of these statements using a 1st scale from 1 (Do not Agree) to 5 (Strongly Agree)

_____I'm usually upbeat. I see difficulties as temporary and expect to overcome them. Feelings of anger, loss and discouragement don't last long.

_____I can tolerate high levels of ambiguity and uncertainty about situations. I'm flexible, and comfortable with my paradoxical traits: optimistic/pessimistic, trusting/cautious, unselfish/selfish, etc.

_____I adapt quickly to new developments. I'm curious. I ask questions
_____I find humor in tough situations and can laugh at myself. I feel self-confident.
_____I learn valuable lessons from my experiences and from the experiences of others.
_____I'm good at solving problems. I'm good at making things work well. I'm often asked to lead groups and projects, though I have an independent spirit amid my cooperative way of working with others.
_____I'm strong and durable. I hold up well during tough times.
_____I've changed good fortune into good luck and found benefits in bad experiences.

_____Total Score

35-40 Highly Resilient
30-34 Self-Motivated Learner
20-29: Somewhat Resilient
Less than 20: Poor at handling pressure and it is never too late to learn

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